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Do you have the right gear for BMX?

BMX biking is a great sport for everyone. Follow the tips below to ensure you have all the correct gear to enjoy it safely!

  • Find a bike that fits you well.  Head to your local bike shop and get a professional to assist you in finding the right bike

  • A full-face helmet is an essential on a BMX track. It is the more important piece of equipment. If you do not have one you are unable to ride the track. Ensure you bike ticks all the safety boxes and don’t forget to try it on before you purchase

  • Gloves allow you to grip the handlebars and protect your hands from bumps and grazes.

  • BMX Clothing is essential as it protects your skin from grazing and falls. Long shirts and pants with reinforced padding is essential as they offer protection when sliding.

  • Bike repair kit – you may need minor repairs from time to time including mending flat tyres.


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