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Soccer - Diet Essentials

Soccer is a sport which is comprised of both aerobic and anaerobic activity. Training and matches can be physically demanding on the body. Therefore, it is important to fuel the body correctly to keep up with the game. A healthy eating plan can help support the needs of a fit, lean and energetic player.

Check out these tips below

  • Soccer players should adjust their fluid and food intake to match their training load.

  • Players should get most of their energy with a diet higher in carb, protein and lower in fat.

  • A good meal plan should consist of 6 small meals throughout the day.

  • During heavy training periods, a diet rich in carbohydrate foods is important to provide adequate fuel to reduce fatigue, sustain performance and promote recovery.

  • During lighter training periods or rest days, a less carbohydrate is needed given the lower energy demands on the body.

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News adapted from: Sports Dietitians Australia

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