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Fundamental drills for Softball

Practice the following to ensure you have the fundamental skills for softball. 

Throwing drill

This drill helps develop throwing, speed and coordination skills. Grab a bucket, washing basket, or rubbish bin. Get a coach or parent to throw the ball onto the field, then the player must run to the ball, pick it up and throw it into the basket.

Hitting Drill

To practice having a consistent swing level, grab some empty plastic water bottles and line them up on a table and practice hitting at the same consistent level. Use other materials around the house e.g. carboard boxes or a stack of books to adjust swing height.

Running Drill

Set out running bases and have your parent or coach blow a whistle, on each whistle run from each base, the whistle blower will determine the pace. This keeps players on their feet and ensures that they are ready to run!


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