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Surfing Essentials

Before you head to the beach to catch a wave, don’t forget these essentials!

Surfboard – the most obvious out of all the essentials. Make sure you get professional advice when it comes to choosing the right board.

Wetsuit – find one that fits and protects you from the elements!

Surf leash – a leash has the potential to sav your life. It must be at least as long as your surfboard and be able to swivel on both sides.

Surf Wax – Wax keeps you from slipping and sliding on the board. Apply it to where your feet should be!

Earplugs – Don’t put yourself at risk of surfer’s ear. Use them whenever you’re surfing in cold water

Sunscreen – Don’t forget to protect your exposed skin from sun damage. Try some zinc on the high points of your face i.e. cheeks and nose.


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