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7 Ways to Finish Basketball Games with Greater Confidence

Your skills, fitness level and execution of your strategy are key to the final moments of any basketball game but more important than anything else, you must exute confidence. You need to have that confidence that you know you are going to win the game - the type that wills the ball into the basket no matter what! You have to be able to execute what is necessary in the final moments. You need to be fit - nothing is worse than letting fatigue cost you the game because you directly control this factor. Finally, you need the skills in place to make the split second choices when it matters most - that means being a student of the game. Watch film, study, and know what the great play makers do when they are behind, when they are up, when they need to foul, when they need to score.

Here are 7 practical skills to help you become more confident when it matters most:

  1. Be ready to catch the ball and be mentally focused and 100% dialed in. Slips happen near the end of the game through too much confidence or lack of confidence.  
  2. Make certain your passes are easy to catch and are thrown with strength and precision. Avoid dangerous passes. Give your teammates confidence in your passing decisions.
  3. Monitor your level of nerves. If you are nervous, you will have the tendency to shoot hard, to pass too hard. When the tempo and pressure increases, remain calm. Discipline yourself to stay mentally alert.
  4. While on defense, interrupt your opponent. Don't make anything easy. Give them no rest, hound every shot, block out every time. Mentally tire them out.
  5. Take only a great shot, never a risky or suspect shot. Make your bunnies (short shots near the basket).
  6. Speak confidence. Focus on feeling like you are a great shooter, say mentally to yourself that you are on fire, you love to score, it's going in.
  7. Go get the ball and secure it. Love the ball, want the ball, protect the ball. Your confidence and the confidence of the team will remain secure when you take care of the ball.

Work on honing these seven basketball tips before this upcoming school holiday and learn many more tips from my staff at one of our basketball camps in sydney

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