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Be Aware of Your Surroundings on the Pitch

Awareness of your surroundings is essential to be successful on a soccer pitch. Players have to know what is around them to avoid giving the ball away and running into trouble. Here are some simple points to increase your awareness of what is around you:

  1. ALWAYS CHECK BEFORE ASKING FOR THE BALL -- Before asking for the ball, it is important to check what is in the space behind you. By glancing over your shoulder, a player will know where the nearest defender is and whether or not to ask for the ball.

  2. TAKE A FINAL LOOK BEFORE RECEIVING THE BALL-- Just before the ball arrives at your feet, it is important to take a quick, final look behind you. If the shape of the defending team has changed or they are under pressure, the player will be able to adapt their body shape to keep the ball away from the opposition.

  3. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP-- A lot of people tend to focus solely on the ball when it is at their feet. It is essential, however, that when dribbling the ball, the player keeps their head up and their eyes on what is going on around them. That way they know where the space is and can figure out how to penetrate the opposition's defense most effectively.

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