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Keeping Your Composure When in Front of the Goal

Are you searching for ways to become a more consistent striker when given the chance to score the game-winning goal? Well, luckily we have been giving this some serious thought as well and decided to check in with our very own, David Vella, to get you the answers! Coach Vella is the Director of the SCA Soccer Camps in Queensland.

Sports Camps Australia: Now, Coach Vella, we understand you like to emphasise the importance of keeping your cool when the heat is on and you are in front of the goal. Can you tell us what is most important in this situation?

Coach Vella: First and foremost, you always want to see players shoot hard and true. It is best to look to shoot it high or low, not in the middle, as this will only help the keeper.

Sports Camps Australia: Why would it be best to go for the low or high shot in that situation?

Coach Vella: If you shoot it low and put a powerful strike on it, it is going to be very difficult for the keeper to get down and save it. If the shot is properly placed high, the odds are that it will be out of his/her reach and he needs the agility to get off his feet and throw his body upward to the ball.

Sports Camps Australia: But shouldn’t players be aiming for the corners?

Coach Vella: Certainly. Going for the corners is almost always going to be the best way to score. If you can aim just inside the post, that’s best. The modern striker must do more than just hit the target if he/she intends to score. Keep in mind that aiming for the post that’s furthest away from the keeper will ensure the best chance of scoring!

Sports Camps Australia: That is some awesome information Coach! Thank you for taking the time to give us some valuable insight on the topic.

Coach Vella: No problem mate. I hope this helps all those strikers out there who are looking to keep their composure when in front of the net and I look forward to seeing everyone at camp!

For more information or to sign up for Coach Vella’s camp please visit SCA Junior Soccer Camps.

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