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PNF Stretching Exercises - Increase Your Mobility

At all of our sports camps across Australia we emphasize proper stretching in order to help prevent injuries, which allows you to stay on the playing field longer and enjoy your favorite sports!

What's PNF Stretching?

PNF stretching is always done in a similar pattern: 5-second stretch, 5-second contraction. The first movement of the stretch should be to the point just before you have discomfort. The 5-second contraction is an active isometric contraction at submaximal effort against a friend or teammates resistance or you can try using a resistance band such as in David's video. The final 5-second stretch should go past the point of your initial stretch. This style of PNF is often referred to as "contract-relax" stretching. You'll find it very effective especially when stretching your hamstrings and it can even help reduce low back pain/tightness in some people.

Check out our easy to follow video above from SCA Soccer Camp Director and Fitness/Conditioning Expert, David Vella!

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