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Are You Setting Up Correctly Behind the Plate?

It is extremely important that a catcher sets up in a solid position behind the plate ready to receive a pitch. There is no right or wrong way to set up. What's most important is that you find a method where you feel balanced and strong. Here is a good mental checklist for you to be aware of the next time you get behind the plate and maybe even write these down somewhere easily accessible during practice and games:

  1. Good Arms distance from the back of the plate
  2. BALANCED, STRONG position - whatever feels best for your body
  3. Balls of your feet - not flat footed sitting on heals, not to high up on toes
  4. Bend from the trunk ensuring a strong and balanced position
  5. Throwing hand behind back
  6. Glove held out giving the pitcher a target - not too stiff with the arm. Try to stay relaxed and loose with your body and glove.

Drill to Work on:

  • Get your coach or your pitcher to come and lightly try to push you over from the front, back and side to side. If they can easily do this then you are not in a balanced, strong set up position. Re-adjust your feet, glove positioning or the angle of bend from your trunk and have your coach try again. Have fun with this drill and keep at it until you finally find that you can keep yourself in a solid position when your coach or teammate tries to knock you off balance!

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