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How to Master Freestyle Kicks in Swimming

After a couple runs of swim camps in Singapore, it's apparent that most of our swimmers struggle with the same motion in the freestyle stroke - kicking. It seems so simple yet it takes some time to master. Practicing the 3 points below is a good way to get on the right track!

  1. Kick from the hip - Many swimmers bend their knees too much whilst kicking - we call this kicking from the knee. This creates large amounts of drag and is probably the number one reason for a swimmer's legs to sink low in the water. Instead of kicking from the knee you should kick from the hip with a relatively straight leg. So make sure you DO Kick from the hip with a relatively straight leg and DON'T kick from the knee, it creates loads of drag!
  2. Plantar flexed feet (Pointing Your Toes) - Plantar flexion is technical jargon for pointing your toes. When you swim you should always have your toes pointed, this presents a much lower profile to the water. Not pointing your toes will push water forwards when you kick, slowing you dramatically.
  3. Ankle Flexibility - poor ankle flexibility limits how much they can point their toes. In an ideal world you want to be able to flex your feet beyond straight. However, improving your ankle flexibility a little so you can point your foot straight is achievable. It's very desirable because it will reduce your drag and you'll slip through the water much faster. Progressively stretch those ankles, slowly but surely, you will get there.
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